New WordPress Responsive Theme Installed

UPDATE (MAY 18 in 2015): Something looks different? YES!!! After a month, I finally replaced the mega-font-bold-o-sprawling default 2015 WordPress Theme with a more suitable one! This will be adjusted in the next few days and evolve as this main blog evolves. This is a simple self-explanatory theme, but if you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to leave a comment or use the online contact form or le Twitter.

In parallel, we also updated the WordPress Theme of the Camera Deals blog to something even more compact and readable.

Both of these themes are responsive, so they will adjust depending on your device, the device orientation, and the viewport size (eg when you adjust the browser window size on a desktop or laptop or some tablets/smartphones).

The rest after the jump is OLD NEWS, it refers to the previous Theme Change, and is kept only for historical reasons!

This blog is now using a new WordPress theme, the 2015 Responsive theme. The black menu bar at the top and the Right Sidebar are merged together, and pruned, into the new Left Sidebar. If you are on a Smartphone or Tablet (portrait or smaller screen size), you don’t see the Sidebar content until you press the Menu button (top right corner of your screen – see red highlight screenshot – before pressing the button.

The name of the blog in the Left Sidebar is also a shortcut to the Home page. Press or touch that to get to the front page.

Adjustments and such will be made over time. For more on this, check our What You Need To Know at the Deals blog. (the content in the Sidebar is different but everything else is the same since it is the same Theme).

You can use your browser’s zoom features, (eg CTRL+ or CTRL- depending on browser/OS) to make it bigger or smaller. This can tame (scale down) the mega-text on desktops for example. [NEW!]

Problems? Questions? Issues? Suggestions?
If you have any problems or questions or issues or suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment or use the online contact form or Twitter. Please try to be as descriptive as possible. For example, “does not work on my device” cannot help me troubleshoot it. On the other hand if you say, “it’s a mess on a Lumia Windows Phone with a 800 x 480 display” it narrows it down to the point where I could troubleshoot.