Trade Show Calendar updated with 2016 Events

This is a quick alert for those of you following the updates via RSS or web notifiers or e-mail. We finally have something on this blog that is completed ahead of schedule 🙂 The Trade Show Calendar has now been updated with the 2016 trade shows. All except a couple of Fall 2016 events have posted their schedules. Sadly a couple more trade shows are no longer with us or they merged with other trade shows.

The previous years are also kept there, page further down to find them. I am keeping the format organized in ascending calendar year order. There are trade-offs to switching to reverse timeline per year or rolling reserve timeline, but all the trade shows operate on an annual basis, so this format seems to be the more natural. If not, let us know (see next paragraph)…

If there are any Trade Shows missing or any errors/corrections/etc, please let us know using the online contact form or leave a comment.