Black Friday 2018 Coverage at the Noisy Blog

Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2018 are almost upon us! This year, we are planning a more back-to-basics approach. The deals will be posted one by one (as usual) at our Camera Deals blog. This blog has a full-text RSS feed which is hosted at Feedburner, so if anything happens to the website, you can use Feedburner as a backup. Feedburner is hosted on Google’s own servers which are much more reliable than what a poor old blogger can afford 🙂

This year I won’t be doing rolling summary round-ups here at the main blog. I may do a “best of” type of a post if circumstances dictate it, but the on-going MEGA summary post won’t happen because it eats up time that I could be using to post even more new deals [instead of never-ending summaries/editing].

If you have any ideas and thoughts for BF/CM coverage and such, please feel free to leave a comment here or use the online contact form

Photography Trade Show Calendar for 2019 [updated]

Welcome to the Trade Show Calendar, a post that tracks camera and photography related trade shows, covering 2014.Q4 to 2019, in reverse chronological order… This is not intended to be a comprehensive listing of every photography-related trade show on the planet, only the major/influential shows… For omissions/additions and corrections, please leave a comment or use the online contact form

Latest Update: November 14 (2018): and we are back with the 2019 edition with Photokina moving to May instead of the traditional September… Since it is not a leap year, many trade shows are shifted behind by one day number-wise from 2018 to 2019 [non-leap years have 52 weeks and one day, that’s why; there’s a method to the madness] – but if that doesn’t workout (eg weekday/weekends), then they change week… Trade shows that don’t have confirmed dates for 2019 have “???” as their date…

****************** 2019 ******************
****************** 2019 ******************
****************** 2019 ******************

January 2019
+ 8-12: CES 2018 in Las Vegas (USA), better dates this year, some breathing room after the New Year’s Eve festivities
+ 16-19: Society of Social and Wedding Photographers in London (UK), convention and trade-show
+ 17-22: Imaging USA in Nashville, Tennessee (USA)
+ 31-3: Photo LA in Santa Monica (LA area, California, USA)

February 2019
+ 21-25: PhotoPro Expo in Northern Kentucky & Cincinnati (USA)
+ 25-28: Mobile World Congress in Barcelona::Spain
+ 25-1: WPPI (full conference) in Las Vegas (USA)
+ 28-3: CP Plus in Tokyo (Japan)

March 2019
+ 7-10: Society for Photographic Education in Cleveland, OH (USA)
+ 16-19: The Photography Show (Birmingham, UK)

April 2019
+ 6-11: NAB in Las Vegas (USA)
+ ???: Photo & Imaging in Seoul (Korea)

May 2019
+ 8-11: Photokina in Cologne (Germany) [NEW MONTH!]
+ NOTE that starting with 2019, Photokina takes place in May, breaking with the tradition; in Cologne as usual
+ 28-1: Computex Taipei in Taipei
+ 30-1: Photoshop World, in Orlando, Florida (USA)
+ 30-2: Cine Gear Expo in Los Angeles (USA)
+ ???: The Photography Show (Los Angeles)

June 2019
+ 24-28: CeBIT in Hannover (Germany)

July 2019
+ no events?

August 2019
+ 21-23: Photoshop World II, in Las Vegas, Florida (USA)

September 2019
+ 6-11: IFA in Berlin (Germany)
+ 12-17: IBC in Amsterdaaam (Holland)
+ ???: Pro Photo Expo

October 2019
+ 6-10: GITEX in Dubai
+ 10-15: CEATEC in Tokyo (Japan)
+ 24-26: Photo Plus Expo in New York (USA)
+ ???: Cine Gear Expo II in Atlanta (USA)

November 2019
+ 7-11: Le Salon de la Photo in Paris (France) – also in english

December 2019
+ winter is coming

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Update: Trade Show Calendar added for 2019

Another year is almost over and as it has been our tradition here, we updated the on-going Trade Show Calendar with the 2019 events. A couple of events don’t have posted dates, that’s why you see the ??? as their dates. As usual, please feel free to leave comments or use the online contact form for additions, corrections and deletions…

PS: this post also serves as an alert for those of you following on RSS readers and email notifications….