Latest Updates (from Twitter)

You can find our latest Twitter updates right here or go directly to the @1001noisycamera Twitter account where I struggle to fit everything into more than 140 characters now 🙂

Trade Show Calendar updated with 2018 Dates

This is a short alert for our readers following this on RSS feed! I just updated the Trade Show Calendar with the 2018 dates. We have quite a few changes this and next year, as Photokina will have its last September show in 2018, and then, starting with 2019, will move to Mays, still in Cologne (Germany) of course. A number of other trade shows are also shifting around the calendar…

Price Charts Update: Missing Cameras Added to Mirrorless Cameras Price Chart

The three missing cameras from the Mirrorless Camera Chart post have now been added to it! The same page was revised, so your previous bookmarks are working and will have the latest version. If you want to revisit the original, you can find it at this page.

The three new cameras that were missing: the Sony a6500, Fuji X-A10 [CORRECTED], and YI M1. Thanks to our readers for the alerts and corrections!

To make amends for the delays in completing this series, I will create a bonus fifth “Price Charts” installment! Coming in the next few days 🙂

You can read all previous installments in the Price Charts Archives going back to December 2014.

Tip: You can Save or Read the New Price Charts with your favorite Reading and Bookmarking Services

If you want to read the brand new Camera Price Charts offline, or read them using your favorite bookmarking or read-later services, or easily save them for future reference, I just tested them with these services and they are readable just fine: Instapaper, Pocket, Kindle (both the Android app and the e-ink e-reader), Feedly, and Evernote.

The easiest way to send them to different places is probably Android because it has a versatile built-in sharing system. Or you can login to those services individually and add the articles there, or use their browser plug-ins on a PC/laptop browser.

If you are having trouble with any reading service, please leave a comment or use the online contact form.

Switched to Default WordPress Theme, New Content in the Works

This is a short website update! The website looks different since the last time you visited! I just switched it to the default WordPress 2016 theme, a very lightweight theme. Now both this (“Main blog”) and the Camera Deals blog have the same theme, giving them a more uniform look, making it easier when you switch back and forth. More customizations and tweaks to both are coming in the next few days. I am currently running them as they were out of the box to make sure there are no issues. Back to being a WordPress hippie, no fancy-smancy Genesis themes 🙂

The other update is that new content is in the works for the “Main blog”. This was supposed to transform into a “reference” type of content repository (a lot more things in the mold of Trade Show Calendar, Cameras of 2017, Price Charts series, etc) but for a variety of reasons [one of which is a very long rant that will eventually get posted], only a few of the planned posts and ideas and experiments materialized.

But one of these delayed reference posts is getting published tonight, before midnight! Please feel free to e-yell at me if it’s not here by 11:59pm pacific time. Hopefully this will be the first of many more “reference” type of posts 🙂

Blog Updates: Trade Show Calendar updated with 2017 shows; Black Friday Ads Digest begins soon

It’s that time of the year again, I updated the Trade Show Calendar with the 2017 events. All the major shows have dates published, except for the “Le Salon de la Photo” whose 2016 trade show is actually happening this very weekend (follow some of the action on the official Le Salon trade show hashtag). All the major trade shows continue from last year, however, some have changed their dates, while others moved to different locations. January has most of the action in 2017.

NEXT UP: Black Friday is less than two weeks away, so our customary annual Black Friday coverage will begin with the Black Friday Ads digest. This should go live either tonight or tomorrow and will continue to get updated as more official and officially-leaked ads come out.

After that, we’ll have our usual “Black Friday Situation Room” as we get closer to the actual Black Friday.

Coming Soon at the Main Blog (for the rest of 2016)

This is a short heads-up post, planned for the remainder of 2016 here at the main blog are the following posts:

  • update the Trade Show Calendar with 2017 dates [TASK COMPLETED!]
  • our annual Black Friday Published/Leaked Ad digest – even if you don’t plan to shop at brick and mortar, most of these are price-matched online the week of Black Friday [IN PROGRESS!]
  • our annual Black Friday Situation Room
  • If I find any interesting patterns comparing the last three years of Camera Price Charts, I will create a post. But if I don’t find anything interesting enough, I won’t post

New WordPress Theme Installed

Something looks different on the website today? YES! We switched the main blog to a slightly different theme. Back when we switched to responsive themes last Spring, this blog was supposed to get eventually upgraded from the Genesis Sample Theme to one of their Premium themes. Well, it happened tonight 🙂

The main menu moved to the top of the page, so when you mouse-over, the various menu options don’t cover as much of the readable part of the text. More tweaks and changes will happen going forward (hopefully they won’t take as long!).

If you have any feedback, suggestions, corrections, errors or problems, please let us know using the contact form (it also shows a direct email address there) or leave a comment below.

Coming SOON here (to the Main Blog)
Speaking of slow moving things, the next main blog project is a new edition of the “Camera Price Charts”. The last time we did this was December 2014, so this could make for an interesting comparison with nine months in-between.

Another thing that should get done in the next couple of weeks is an update to the Trade Show Calendar with 2016 events.

If you have any other reference type projects you want to see here, please let us know using the contact form (it also shows a direct email address there) or leave a comment below.

New WordPress Responsive Theme Installed

UPDATE (MAY 18 in 2015): Something looks different? YES!!! After a month, I finally replaced the mega-font-bold-o-sprawling default 2015 WordPress Theme with a more suitable one! This will be adjusted in the next few days and evolve as this main blog evolves. This is a simple self-explanatory theme, but if you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to leave a comment or use the online contact form or le Twitter.

In parallel, we also updated the WordPress Theme of the Camera Deals blog to something even more compact and readable.

Both of these themes are responsive, so they will adjust depending on your device, the device orientation, and the viewport size (eg when you adjust the browser window size on a desktop or laptop or some tablets/smartphones).

The rest after the jump is OLD NEWS, it refers to the previous Theme Change, and is kept only for historical reasons!

Continue reading “New WordPress Responsive Theme Installed”

Trade Show Calendar updated with 2016 Events

This is a quick alert for those of you following the updates via RSS or web notifiers or e-mail. We finally have something on this blog that is completed ahead of schedule 🙂 The Trade Show Calendar has now been updated with the 2016 trade shows. All except a couple of Fall 2016 events have posted their schedules. Sadly a couple more trade shows are no longer with us or they merged with other trade shows.

The previous years are also kept there, page further down to find them. I am keeping the format organized in ascending calendar year order. There are trade-offs to switching to reverse timeline per year or rolling reserve timeline, but all the trade shows operate on an annual basis, so this format seems to be the more natural. If not, let us know (see next paragraph)…

If there are any Trade Shows missing or any errors/corrections/etc, please let us know using the online contact form or leave a comment.

Site News: the Camera Deals Blog is now running on WordPress!

Success! The Camera Deals blog is now up and running on WordPress! We have a long post with more details and with shortcuts to the various camera manufacturers, mounts and camera types for quick access. More things need to get sorted out in the next few days, but the website is up and running and loaded with new deals as well. The Old TypePad blog has moved to an archival sub-domain and will no longer be updated. If you notice any problems, issues, or have suggestions and such, please let us know!

And just like that, we no longer have any active blogs on TypePad. It’s WordPress time! Finally 🙂

Welcome to the new powered by WordPress

Welcome to the brand new WordPress reincarnation of WordPress is very flexible and versatile and customizable. If you notice that over time I go crazy with plug-ins and customizations, please feel free to e-yell at me 🙂

Template: The current template is the simplest default WordPress theme, a good way to start and slowly make adjustments. The annoying green banner at the top is there only temporary – to make sure everyone who visits notices the change. All apologies for the blinding color 🙂

RSS Feed: the Feedburner full-text RSS feed has now been switched over to the new WordPress blog. You will see these posts now. If you were already subscribed, you should be seeing the new posts now.

Comments: We are starting the blog using the native WordPress Comments with an anti-spam plug-in that will hopefully make it easy for real people to post: you just have to check an additional box that says you are not a computer, but no CAPTCHA, and no separate third-party accounts. There is a trade-off here. The third-party commenting services (Disqus, LiveFyre, CommentLuv) have more features and flexibility, but it’s a third-party widget added to the site. They can import the native WordPress comments later on, so they are always an option for the future if this doesn’t work out.

For any questions, issues, problems, please use the new online contract form or you can use the old contact form as well. Note that there will be all kinds of issues until things get sorted out.

Other things equal, we will repeat this exercise with the Camera Deals blog this weekend (October 10-12).

What About The Old TypePad Blog?

The Old TypePad blog will no longer be updated, it will remain as an archive. You can get to it with this new url Due to the sheer size (over 10,000 posts) and various technical and creative issues, unfortunately we can’t port all the posts from the old TypePad blog. You can get to the old TypePad blog-posts by changing the url of any previously bookmarked or linked posts from to – see more details.

Any broken links from the old blog will be redirected to a special page here. Any individual posts that stand the test of time will be updated/refreshed and reposted here; for example the Trade Show Calendar for 2015 is the first content post to be posted here this week.

Where did the Old TypePad blog And Other Sub-Domain Mini Blogs go? (Reviews Streams, etc)

The fall-out from moving forward with the WordPress blog (transition details here), affected a lot of the previous TypePad and sub-domain mini-sites. To summarize, the previous TypePad Main Blog is now archived under a sub-domain, while a lot of the other sub-domain mini-blogs are dead and gone [wherever necessarily, their function will be folded into the main blog]. Details below, first the Old Main blog, and next the sub-domain Mini blogs.

Old TypePad Blog is now an Archive Sub-Domain Blog

The previous good old gray-green TypePad blog now has its own sub-domain, you can get to it at – this is the same thing we did when we moved from Blogspot to Typepad a few years ago. The TypePad blog is now preserved as an Archive, it will not be updated with new content.

IMPORTANT: Many of the internal links at the old TypePad blog over there won’t work initially. Over time some will be sorted out, but there are over 10,000 posts and pages over there. There is a workaround to get to them, right below…

IMPORTANT: if you have bookmarked any individual blog-posts from the old TypePad blog or you are following a link to them that doesn’t work, replace the “www” in the url with “blog1”. If it doesn’t have a “www”, add “blog1”.

This won’t work:
This won’t work:

Change it to: (bold added for emphasis)

GONE / DEAD: Reviews Stream & Stock Status

Also part of the rebooting, two of the previous sub-domain mini-sites are gone.

The Stock Status mini-site ( is gone, dead. If stock status trackers are needed, they will be included here in the main blog.

Also gone/dead is the Camera Reviews stream ( We are decidedly going away from 24×7 newsy timeline type of blogs and content. So this was an equal parts technical and creative decision.

More of the sub-domain blogs will get “processed” in the next few days. They will be added here when they disappear.