Switched to Default WordPress Theme, New Content in the Works

This is a short website update! The website looks different since the last time you visited! I just switched it to the default WordPress 2016 theme, a very lightweight theme. Now both this (“Main blog”) and the Camera Deals blog have the same theme, giving them a more uniform look, making it easier when you switch back and forth. More customizations and tweaks to both are coming in the next few days. I am currently running them as they were out of the box to make sure there are no issues. Back to being a WordPress hippie, no fancy-smancy Genesis themes 🙂

The other update is that new content is in the works for the “Main blog”. This was supposed to transform into a “reference” type of content repository (a lot more things in the mold of Trade Show Calendar, Cameras of 2017, Price Charts series, etc) but for a variety of reasons [one of which is a very long rant that will eventually get posted], only a few of the planned posts and ideas and experiments materialized.

But one of these delayed reference posts is getting published tonight, before midnight! Please feel free to e-yell at me if it’s not here by 11:59pm pacific time. Hopefully this will be the first of many more “reference” type of posts 🙂