(ENDED) Camera Deals in the 2014 Black Friday Circular Ads

Black Friday 2014 is over… For deals as they happen (eg online deals), check the Camera Deals blog with full-text RSS feed… Or for a summary during the rest of the year, check the new Five Good Deals summary

Time flies! We are in Black Friday season once again. This post goes through the various Black Friday Circular Ads for 2014 and points out the items of camera and photo interest. This post only focuses on Circular Ads. It will be updated multiple times (this is the permalink for bookmarking purposes) until we cover most of the stores or my brain turns to mush – whichever happens first (most likely the latter). For deals as they happen (eg online deals), check the Camera Deals blog with full-text RSS feed.

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Latest Update: November 23 at 12:52am ET – added Target… More stores will open on Thanksgiving Night this year – you can use it as an excuse to escape annoying/pestering/drunk relatives/friends/guests ;-)… In this post, BF is short for Black Friday… As usual, keep in mind, the internets often price-match many (but not all) of the Black Friday ads, so you may not have to fight the B&M doorbuster crowds if you don’t want to…

Store Index and Brief Summary

  • Target: Nikon L330 compact zoom for $100, D3200 2LK, GoPros, iPads, etc
  • Sears: offers for members of their rewards program
  • Walmart: Canon D-Rebel T5i, GoPros, P&S, etc
  • Radio Shack: opens twice (!) on Thanksgiving Day, Elph 135, Chromecast, AA, etc
  • Best Buy: GoPro Hero3+ Silver, Sony a5000, a6000, Nikon and Canon DSLRs of the APS-C kind, various superzooms, Pho Elements, Chromecast, USB sticks, etc
  • OfficeMax & OfficeDepot: Lexar C10 SDHCs, printers, Duracell, Canon P&S, Adobe Elements
  • Staples: Printers, iPads, Chromecast, No Cameras

Target Black Friday 2014

Tarjay too will open on Thanksgiving day (6pm local time or so). They also offer unconditional free shipping on their website which has their Black Friday ad on their Weekly Ad page.

  • Nikon Coolpix L330 superzoom (26x) for $100
  • (Target typically has an exclusive Nikon P&S model number)
  • Nikon D3200 w/18-55 & 55-250 for $500 (vs $550 at Amazon)
  • Canon D-Rebel T5 two lens bundle (18-55, 75-300) for $450
  • $50 Gift Card with either $250 GoPro Hero 3+ Silver or $200 Hero 3 White
  • Google Chromecast for $25
  • 50% off all Picture Frames
  • $100 gift card with select iPads 10″ or 8″
  • Fri 6am-12pm: 10% off Target Gift Cards (online too)

Sears Black Friday 2014

And now time to take a look at the doorbuster side of Sears! Their 64-page (and very nicely organized – compared to the chaos of their main website) weekly ad is posted on their website (under Deals, then select the Black Friday ad). They too will open on Thanksgiving night at 6pm local time (actual times may vary by region/store).

  • Kodak PixPro AZ361 superzoom for $150 with 30% back in points for Members (starts Thur 6pm)
  • Nikon Coolpix L830 for $170 and get back 20,000 Points
  • Canon D-Rebel T5 with 18-55 for $400 and get back 25,000 Points
  • Activeon DX action camera for $300, LX for $200 and get $100 back in Members points
  • Members Points offers are for members of the Sears Rewards program (free to join)

Walmart Black Friday 2014

Walmart posted their BF ads on their website under the Weekly Ads section of their website and they have an option to download this 40-pager as a PDF file. Some items may also be available online, others may be exclusive to their brick and mortar stores or limited time (and limited quantity) doorbusters. They too will open on Thanksgiving Day. Maybe we need to move Thanksgiving Day to Wednesday since Black Friday is now taking over Thursday!

  • Canon D-Rebel T5i w/18-55 & 75-300 & extras for $700 (goes for $800 at Amazon)
  • Canon D-Rebel T5 two lens bundle for $450
  • Nikon D3200 two lens bundle for $500
  • Fuji S8630 superzoom with extras for $120
  • Nikon Coolpix L29 P&S for $47
  • GoPro Hero3 White Edition Camera with bonus $50 Walmart Gift Card for $200
  • GoPro Hero3+ Silver Edition Camera for $250
  • iON Air Pro Lite Camera for $100
  • 52-inch Sunpak tripod for $10
  • consumer photo printers
  • Google Chromecast for $25
  • 32GB Sandisk microSD w/SD adapter for $10
  • 16GB Sandisk SDHC Class 4 or microSD or PNY Flash drive for $5 each

Radio Shack Black Friday 2014

Radio Shack too posted their BF circular ad on their Weekly Ads site. Radio Shack is pushing the “Open Thanksgiving” envelope with an AM/PM theme. They’ll open 8am to 12pm and then re-open 5pm to late. Hours may vary by store/region/etc.

  • Nikon Coolpix L830 with free 16GB SD for $170
  • Canon PowerShot ELPH 135 for $80 (goes for $100 at Amazon)
  • Midland 1080p HD Action Camera with Accessory Kit for $75
  • Kodak Pixpro SL10 16MP Smart Lens Camera with 8GB card and mini tripod for $200
  • Kodak PIXPRO SP360 Camera and $20 bonus RS Gift Card for $350
  • 48pk Radio Shack brand AA or AAA single use batteries for $10 after coupon
  • Google Chromecast for $25
  • 10% off Military Personnel with valid Military ID
  • didn’t notice any memory card or flash drive specials (they typically have some)
  • free touchscreen gloves on first 50 customers (not sure if it’s Friday or Thursday)

Best Buy Black Friday 2014

They too posted their BF Circular Ads on their website, it is 47 pages long. The Best Buy stores too will be open on Thanksgiving Day, starting at 5pm local time (time may vary depending on store and region). For high demand items, they will be giving out tickets for up to two hours before store opening.

Please note the specials below are for the Best Buy brick and mortar stores. I don’t know how many of them may also be available online for store pickup or a classic online purchase (shipment to your home/address). The links to the Best Buy website are for reference, reviews, availability check, and such.

Best Buy DSLR and Mirrorless Offers

Best Buy Fixed Lens Camera Offers

Best Buy Other Tech Offers

  • Lowepro Format 110 camera bag and Sunpak 5858D tripod together for $20
  • Photoshop Elements 13 or Premiere Elements 13 for $60 (one or the other, not both)
  • Google Chromecast for $24
  • brand new 32GB Sandisk iXpand (Flash Drive + Lightning connector) for $55
  • Sandisk Extreme 80MB/sec SDHC cards: 64GB for $40, 32GB for $20, 16GB for $15
  • Sandisk microSD Ultra sale: 64GB for $25, 32GB for $13, 16GB for $10
  • Extreme versions of above for $35, $18, $15
  • 128GB Sandisk Cruz USB 2.0 flash drive for $28, 64GB for $17, 32GB for $8, 16GB for $5

OfficeMax/OfficeDepot Black Friday 2014

The now unified Office Max and Office Depot posted their Black Friday on their own website. Under Deals, Weekly Ads, and then select the BF tab. They will open on Thanksgiving Day.

  • Canon SX600 HS superzoom for $180 (goes for $200 at Amazon)
  • Canon Elph 150 IS for $100 (goes for $130 at Amazon)
  • Lexar Class 10 SDHC and microSD sale: 64GB for $25, 32GB for $15, 16GB for $9, 8GB for $5
  • 40% all Adobe Elements Titles, no specific product prices given, limit 2 per customer
  • Epson WF-2530 for $50, HP Envy 4500 with photo card pack and one month of ink for $50, Canon Pixma MG 3520 for $30, 5520 printer for $45, and various other printers
  • 4pks of Duracell single use AA or AAA: two sets for $4 and 100% Back in Rewards (limit 2)
  • 50% off ALL their house brand inks – check ahead if they carry your printer(s) inks
  • PNY USB sticks sale: 128GB for $35 (64GB for $23, 32GB for $13, 16GB for $8)
  • 3TB external desktop Toshiba Canvio printer for $80
  • various printers, iPads, other tablets
  • 20% off if you buy $50+ in iTunes Gift Cards(think photo apps, ebooks, etc)

Staples Black Friday 2014

Staples officially posted their BF Circular Ad on their website, in their Weekly Ads section. From there, select “View by Page” and then from the “Now Viewing” select the Black Friday 11/27 ad. They have no camera deals, but they have a variety of consumer printers on sale (eg HP deskjet 2544 for $30, Epson WF-2540 for $60). Of power interest, they offer 24pk of Duracell AA or AAA single-use batteries for $10 with coupon (to be found in the BF ad or staples.com/coupons). If you prefer free and don’t mind Rewards, Office Max/Depot will have having 100% Back in Rewards but only on 4-packs.

Of tablet interest, they will have the previous generation new condition iPads on sale, which, from a photograph[y/er] perspective, are a good bang for the buck in terms of screen/features/performance, 10-inch Air for $320, 8-inch Mini 2 for $240. A mini doorbuster of sorts, they will have the Google Chromecast for $25, and the Amazon Fire TV for $75! Their main deal is a $100 W8 laptop with SSD – fights may break out over this one. Of storage interest, a 1TB Toshiba portable hard drive is going for $50. And if you like to read Susan Sontag’s essays on photography in e-ink form, the new 2014 model basic Kindle with touch-screen will be a $50 doorbuster.

They will open on Thanksgiving Day.

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  1. Re: that $100 Win 8 laptop. I’m pretty sure that will be one of a *very new breed* of Windows laptops especially designed to compete with Chromebooks. The Windows 8 in these, if I’m right about this, is an abbreviated version that relies heavily on Microsoft’s newly free online Office apps, One Drive, Skype, etc., for productivity activities. All of which means preparing a big, highly detailed report with tie-ins to elaborate spreadsheets and a big graphics presentation will be better done on a fully fledged Windows 8 machine. The $100 model is better suited to Web surfing, social interaction and keeping up with calendars, notes and memos.

    I mention this in hopes of preventing shopper slugfests and to keep anyone wishing Santa will bring him/her a full-on Windows laptop from being sorely disappointed.

    1. Yes! Storage is an issue, unless people want to meticulously organize an array of USB flash drives and Memory Cards and Cloud services and have access to fast Wifi for storage (and of course a backup strategy for all those). It probably requires advanced OCD to do that on a regular basis 🙂

      On the other hand, an entry-level Windows machine with SSD can get a nice performance boost versus slow clunking hard disks of most entry-level budget machines.

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