Where did the Old TypePad blog And Other Sub-Domain Mini Blogs go? (Reviews Streams, etc)

The fall-out from moving forward with the WordPress blog (transition details here), affected a lot of the previous TypePad and sub-domain mini-sites. To summarize, the previous TypePad Main Blog is now archived under a sub-domain, while a lot of the other sub-domain mini-blogs are dead and gone [wherever necessarily, their function will be folded into the main blog]. Details below, first the Old Main blog, and next the sub-domain Mini blogs.

Old TypePad Blog is now an Archive Sub-Domain Blog

The previous good old gray-green TypePad blog now has its own sub-domain, you can get to it at http://blog1.1001noisycameras.com/ – this is the same thing we did when we moved from Blogspot to Typepad a few years ago. The TypePad blog is now preserved as an Archive, it will not be updated with new content.

IMPORTANT: Many of the internal links at the old TypePad blog over there won’t work initially. Over time some will be sorted out, but there are over 10,000 posts and pages over there. There is a workaround to get to them, right below…

IMPORTANT: if you have bookmarked any individual blog-posts from the old TypePad blog or you are following a link to them that doesn’t work, replace the “www” in the url with “blog1”. If it doesn’t have a “www”, add “blog1”.

This won’t work: http://1001noisycameras.com/new-digital-cameras-in-2012.html
This won’t work: http://1001noisycameras.com/new-digital-cameras-in-2012.html

Change it to: http://blog1.1001noisycameras.com/new-digital-cameras-in-2012.html (bold added for emphasis)

GONE / DEAD: Reviews Stream & Stock Status

Also part of the rebooting, two of the previous sub-domain mini-sites are gone.

The Stock Status mini-site (instock.1001noisycameras.com) is gone, dead. If stock status trackers are needed, they will be included here in the main blog.

Also gone/dead is the Camera Reviews stream (reviews.1001noisycameras.com). We are decidedly going away from 24×7 newsy timeline type of blogs and content. So this was an equal parts technical and creative decision.

More of the sub-domain blogs will get “processed” in the next few days. They will be added here when they disappear.