Camera Price Charts Episode II: APS-C dSLRs – the ones that started it all

APS-C dSLRs ushered in the era of “affordable” digital interchangeable lens cameras starting at the historic PMA 2002, where a quartet of dSLRs were announced at what was then considered groundbreaking and accessible $2000~ price range (Nikon D100, Canon 60D, Sigma SD9, Fuji S2 Pro). Converted to 2014 money, that’s $2600+. Fast forward twelve years later to today, and one can get an APS-C at almost an order of magnitude the 2002 prices.

As with all technology products, prices steadily went down, and today, APS-C dSLRs are competing in a very crowded field, going up against more affordable Full Frame cameras, an avalanche of mirrorless options, and large-sensor fixed-lens cameras.

In Episode II, we take a look at their prices using two charts. To see the charts at a bigger size, “View Image” in browser.

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Camera Price Charts Episode I: Full Frame Fantasies Fulfilled?

As we close 2014, we begin a new mini-series, taking a snapshot of the prices of various digital cameras of interest. In Episode I, we take a look at 35mm full frame digital cameras. As of the end of December 2014, the picture is different from a couple of years ago, we have a mix of DSLRs, Mirrorless, Rangefinders and Fixed Lens Cameras. To see the charts at a bigger size, “View Image” in browser.

The prices are the consensus price between Amazon and B&H Photo and Adorama as of December 28-29 in 2014. These are new condition with USA warranty prices, from authorized dealers. All the prices are the body only kit prices. Mail-in rebates are factored in when they are offered unconditionally on the camera. In this chart specifically, these three cameras have mail-in rebates: Canon 1D X, 5D Mark III and 6D. Older cameras that are no longer available in new condition with USA warranty at the above retailers as set forth in this paragraph (eg Nikon D600) are not included.

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Fuji X100T Stock Status tracking page

Fuji is continuing their Big Sensor Prime line with the all new X100T APS-C fixed lens camera! This post is tracking the stock status of the camera! With the move to WordPress, we are no longer using Javascript widgets for the Stock Status table. It is plain HTML so you can read it on more devices and browsers. You can bookmark this in your browser or your RSS News Reader or your favorite bookmarking service (XMarks, Pinboard, etc).

Latest update: December 27, 2014 at 1:22am ET – two weeks later, supply situation improves even more…

Fuji X100T stock status tracker
Option In-Stock Pre-Order
Adorama (4% rewards)
Amazon (Amazon itself)
Amazon (via 3rd parties)
B&H Photo
Popflash (eBay)
Focus Camera (eBay)
Kenmore (eBay)
Best Buy
Best Buy (eBay)
Berger Bros (eBay)
Beach Camera
Samy’s Camera (free case)
Focus Camera
eBay Search Results
OneCall (eBay) ($1200, New-Other condition)
Adorama (4% rewards)
Amazon (Amazon itself)
B&H Photo
OneCall (eBay)
Popflash (eBay)
Best Buy (Store Pickup)
Best Buy (eBay)
eBay Search Results
Samy’s Camera (free case)
Beach Camera

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(ENDED) Holidays 2014 Camera & Photo Deals Situation Room

The 2014 Holidays are over. The Holiday Deals Situation Room is now retired and will no longer be updated. However, we have started a new experiment, an on-going Five Good Deals – Latest Deals Summary. This will be short, and will not sprawl like the Holidays Situation Room.

As always, for the deals as they happen, one by one, at the Camera Deals blog (with full-text RSS feed.

The post below will no longer be updated…

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(ENDED) Camera Deals in the 2014 Black Friday Circular Ads

Black Friday 2014 is over… For deals as they happen (eg online deals), check the Camera Deals blog with full-text RSS feed… Or for a summary during the rest of the year, check the new Five Good Deals summary

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How to Opt-Out of Adobe’s Tracking of Desktop App Usage Information

Adobe is not exactly a champion of user privacy. In addition to the high profile hacking case of a few months ago, they also got caught red handed data hoarding on ebook users. And that’s before you consider all the issues with the Adobe PDF Reader software and Flash. So if you want to limit your exposure to Adobe’s data hoarding a little bit more, there is one option in your account profile that you can control, it tells Adobe not to collect “Desktop App Usage Information”. It is turned ON (ON = collect data) by default. I have no way of knowing how much of the spying/data-hoarding this will curtail, so don’t assume this is a catch-all safety net.

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Site News: the Camera Deals Blog is now running on WordPress!

Success! The Camera Deals blog is now up and running on WordPress! We have a long post with more details and with shortcuts to the various camera manufacturers, mounts and camera types for quick access. More things need to get sorted out in the next few days, but the website is up and running and loaded with new deals as well. The Old TypePad blog has moved to an archival sub-domain and will no longer be updated. If you notice any problems, issues, or have suggestions and such, please let us know!

And just like that, we no longer have any active blogs on TypePad. It’s WordPress time! Finally 🙂

Camera and Photography eBooks in Kindle Unlimited (a reference list)

And now something for book readers. No, not steamy stories of photographers and models, but learning about photography along with some camera guides 🙂 This post is an on-going reference list. While ebooks are not particularly ideal (yet?) for pure photography books, they can be quite handy for the many instructional books in the world of camera and photography, such as how-to, tutorials, camera-specific guides, Photoshop and post-processing, essays (we need more of these to inspire people in a world full of cameraphones), and the like.

The Kindle Unlimited (KU) subscription service is like a Netflix of eBooks. You pay a monthly fee and get to read participating ebooks for free. No contracts, you can cancel at any time for any reason. And you can restart later. There is a limit of ten ebooks checked out at any time, but you can exchange them as often as you like. In other words, no limit on how many ebooks you can read, but you can only have ten checked out at any time (similar to some brick and mortar library systems). You start with a free 30 day trial, and if you don’t cancel within the 30 initial days, you get charged $10 every 30 days thereafter (unless you cancel).

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Curiosity Factor: HTC “Double Exposure” event reveals new inhaler-size HTC RE kinda-action kinda-wearable camera

This was a curiosity item: HTC had their “Double Exposure” (photography related) event in New York! It started at 4pm eastern and ended 47 minutes later. You can rewatch the HTC video feed at YouTube and the live blog from CNET. Coverage of the announcement by various technology sites can be found through Techmeme

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Welcome to the new powered by WordPress

Welcome to the brand new WordPress reincarnation of WordPress is very flexible and versatile and customizable. If you notice that over time I go crazy with plug-ins and customizations, please feel free to e-yell at me 🙂

Template: The current template is the simplest default WordPress theme, a good way to start and slowly make adjustments. The annoying green banner at the top is there only temporary – to make sure everyone who visits notices the change. All apologies for the blinding color 🙂

RSS Feed: the Feedburner full-text RSS feed has now been switched over to the new WordPress blog. You will see these posts now. If you were already subscribed, you should be seeing the new posts now.

Comments: We are starting the blog using the native WordPress Comments with an anti-spam plug-in that will hopefully make it easy for real people to post: you just have to check an additional box that says you are not a computer, but no CAPTCHA, and no separate third-party accounts. There is a trade-off here. The third-party commenting services (Disqus, LiveFyre, CommentLuv) have more features and flexibility, but it’s a third-party widget added to the site. They can import the native WordPress comments later on, so they are always an option for the future if this doesn’t work out.

For any questions, issues, problems, please use the new online contract form or you can use the old contact form as well. Note that there will be all kinds of issues until things get sorted out.

Other things equal, we will repeat this exercise with the Camera Deals blog this weekend (October 10-12).

What About The Old TypePad Blog?

The Old TypePad blog will no longer be updated, it will remain as an archive. You can get to it with this new url Due to the sheer size (over 10,000 posts) and various technical and creative issues, unfortunately we can’t port all the posts from the old TypePad blog. You can get to the old TypePad blog-posts by changing the url of any previously bookmarked or linked posts from to – see more details.

Any broken links from the old blog will be redirected to a special page here. Any individual posts that stand the test of time will be updated/refreshed and reposted here; for example the Trade Show Calendar for 2015 is the first content post to be posted here this week.

Where did the Old TypePad blog And Other Sub-Domain Mini Blogs go? (Reviews Streams, etc)

The fall-out from moving forward with the WordPress blog (transition details here), affected a lot of the previous TypePad and sub-domain mini-sites. To summarize, the previous TypePad Main Blog is now archived under a sub-domain, while a lot of the other sub-domain mini-blogs are dead and gone [wherever necessarily, their function will be folded into the main blog]. Details below, first the Old Main blog, and next the sub-domain Mini blogs.

Old TypePad Blog is now an Archive Sub-Domain Blog

The previous good old gray-green TypePad blog now has its own sub-domain, you can get to it at – this is the same thing we did when we moved from Blogspot to Typepad a few years ago. The TypePad blog is now preserved as an Archive, it will not be updated with new content.

IMPORTANT: Many of the internal links at the old TypePad blog over there won’t work initially. Over time some will be sorted out, but there are over 10,000 posts and pages over there. There is a workaround to get to them, right below…

IMPORTANT: if you have bookmarked any individual blog-posts from the old TypePad blog or you are following a link to them that doesn’t work, replace the “www” in the url with “blog1”. If it doesn’t have a “www”, add “blog1”.

This won’t work:
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Change it to: (bold added for emphasis)

GONE / DEAD: Reviews Stream & Stock Status

Also part of the rebooting, two of the previous sub-domain mini-sites are gone.

The Stock Status mini-site ( is gone, dead. If stock status trackers are needed, they will be included here in the main blog.

Also gone/dead is the Camera Reviews stream ( We are decidedly going away from 24×7 newsy timeline type of blogs and content. So this was an equal parts technical and creative decision.

More of the sub-domain blogs will get “processed” in the next few days. They will be added here when they disappear.